LIFE ECOMETHYLAL - An example of a true circular economy

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In the five-year long project, LIFE ECOMETHYLAL, the Spanish company Blue Plasma Power has designed and built a pilot plant for the treatment of non-recyclable plastic waste, using Catalytic Plasma Hydroplinification technology.

Plastic waste of various origins and compositions thus becomes a raw material for the production of methylal, an industrial solvent that replaces petroleum-based solvents.

Methylal can be used in various industries due to its low toxicity, low viscosity and especially its high dissolving power, making it a sustainable replacement for petroleum-based solvents (in the production of paints, adhesives, foams, perfumes, coating resins, as an additive to diesel fuel, as electrolyte in a lithium-ion battery).

In the final stretch of the project, Mi-plast organizes a workshop in which we will present the project and the results it has achieved - the pilot plant and the final eco-product, methylal.

ECOMETHYLAL is truly an example of a true circular economy. We would like to encourage companies in the field of waste management, chemical industry, as well as potential investors to join us at the workshop to be held

On the 25th of NOVEMBER 2020, 9:45 ONLINE or 10:50 LIVE at MI-PLAST.

Please, register HERE.


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