Plastic bags

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Polyethylene plastic bags are very common in everyday use and represent a reliable way of containing and transporting goods.

Depending on the material type they are divided into LDPE and HDPE plastic bags. 

Shopping bags are used in retail (markets, stores, fruit stores, bakeries). They are very durable and highly practical and come in different colors, dimensions and thickness.

Bags with flexible carrying handles - are used by our reputable retail chains and produced exclusively from LDPE material. 

Bags with hanging holes - are commonly used in special stores (clothes, shoes and similar) and can be delivered in different sizes depending on customers' requests.

Waste bags are used in households, industry, tourist facilities and utility companies. They are made in different color, size and thickness. Our company produces them exclusively from LDPE material which proved to be a better and more reliable solution in quality than other materials.  

Purpose bags - are used in industry but also in everyday use. They are: bags for packing pellets, industrial waste, sand, construction waste, salt, olives, grapes etc. 

Foil program

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Polyethylene foil made of LDPE and HDPE materials is used in industry, trade, storage and everyday use. 

Construction foil. Except in construction, it is applied in some industry sectors as a covering, isolation and protection material. It can be made of different thickness, in color or transparent. The width is adaptable to customers' needs, within 2 to 8 meters range.

Agricultural foil (mulch foil) can be made in different sizes and colors. Standard width is 600-1200mm, transparent or black.

Foil for greenhouses is 4m, 6m or 8 m wide. Depending on customers’ requests it can be UV-stabilized or completely black.

Stretch foil is most frequently used in industry and trade being the most efficient material in securing cargo during the transport.

Foil in sheets - is made in different sizes depending on customer's request and it is most commonly used in meat industry, floriculture, cement industry.

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