LIFE ECOMETHYLAL - Layman report

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Upon completion of the LIFE ECOMETHYLAL project, a Layman report was produced not only as a way of presenting the results of the project, but also to highlight the project’s achievements and its long-term environmental and economic benefits.

Download the electronic version of the report HERE.

LIFE ECOMETHYLAL - An example of a true circular economy

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In the five-year long project, LIFE ECOMETHYLAL, the Spanish company Blue Plasma Power has designed and built a pilot plant for the treatment of non-recyclable plastic waste, using Catalytic Plasma Hydroplinification technology.

Plastic waste of various origins and compositions thus becomes a raw material for the production of methylal, an industrial solvent that replaces petroleum-based solvents.

Methylal can be used in various industries due to its low toxicity, low viscosity and especially its high dissolving power, making it a sustainable replacement for petroleum-based solvents (in the production of paints, adhesives, foams, perfumes, coating resins, as an additive to diesel fuel, as electrolyte in a lithium-ion battery).

In the final stretch of the project, Mi-plast organizes a workshop in which we will present the project and the results it has achieved - the pilot plant and the final eco-product, methylal.

ECOMETHYLAL is truly an example of a true circular economy. We would like to encourage companies in the field of waste management, chemical industry, as well as potential investors to join us at the workshop to be held

On the 25th of NOVEMBER 2020, 9:45 ONLINE or 10:50 LIVE at MI-PLAST.

Please, register HERE.


Four-year project to develop an integrated solution for the recovery and conversion of relevant fractions from wastewater to make natural additives and bioplastics

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AFTERLIFE, a 4 million € EU project focused on finding an integrated solution for the recovery and conversion of relevant fractions from wastewater, was officially launched Monday September 11. Led by EggPlant Srl, the project consortium is comprised of 15 partners from 7 European countries.

On September 11th and 12th the official kick-off was held for the Afterlife project in Bari, Italy. Scientists at companies and research institutes will be cooperating for the next four years to find an integrated solution for the recovery and conversion of relevant fractions from wastewater. AFTERLIFE is a European collaborative project framed on the Bio-based Industries (BBI) call. 15 partners (Idener, Austep, BBEU, Celabor, Lurederra, Mi-Plast, nova-Institut, VTT, CSIC, CTC, Nova-id-FCT, Jake, Heritage 1466, Citromil) from 7 European countries (Belgium, Germany, Finland, Croatia, Italy, Spain and Portugal) participate in this European 4 million € project.

Mi-plast participates in 3 new projects of the Horizon 2020

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Grant agreements have been signed for three new projects (Afterlife, RefuCoat and CIRC-PACK) funded through the EU program Horizon 2020, where Mi-plast will realize its partner role. Horizon 2020 is the EU program which contributes to accomplishment of goals stated in the key strategic documents of the European Union related to research, technological development and innovation. The guiding idea of the new framework program is to provide solutions and responses to the economic crisis, investing in future business and development, addressing EU citizens' concerns about their material security, general security and the environment, as well as strengthening the EU's global position in research, innovation and technology. Horizon 2020’s structure is based on three main priorities: Excellent Science, Industrial Leadership and Societal Challenges. 

LIFE INFO Day – Mi-Plast presents Life Ecomethylal

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On the 21st of March 2017, in Zagreb, LIFE INFO day was held, presenting information on the Life Program and the possibilities of co-funding. LIFE program has been supporting different sectors for 25 years through co-funding of more than 4300 projects, granting over 3 billion Euros. The objective of LIFE projects is to ensure development and implementation of innovative responses to environment and climate change related challenges.

The INFO day gave information on the types of projects co-funded through LIFE, thematic priorities, co-funding rates, how to submit project proposals etc.

BBI JTI Informative day held in Zagreb – Mi-Plast set an example of good practice

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On March 16th 2017, Bio-Based Industries Joint Technology Initiative informative day was held at the BIOCenter on Borongaj, which brought together the representatives of academia, the real and the public sector. Head organizers of this event were the BIOCenter and the Agency for mobility and EU programs.

BBI JTI initiative operates under the auspices of the Horizon 2020, EU program for research and innovations, with the goal of making the European bio industry globally competitive, reducing its dependence on fossil based fuels and ultimately leading to sustainable and ecologically friendly growth.


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Mi-plast participates in the project Res Urbis (RESOURCES FROM URBAN BIO-WASTE), which began on January 1st.

This project is coordinated by the University of La Sapienza in Rome and it is based on the development of an innovative technological sector for the integrated treatment of various urban solid wastes (such as municipal waste and municipal sewage sludge). In order to achieve its ambitious objectives, a consortium formed by 21 entities from 8 European countries. This program is based on research and development with a dual objective: to minimize the amount of waste that is unused and disposed of and to obtain new environmental-friendly bioproducts using the same waste as a renewable alternative to petroleum resources.

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