Recycling is a wide term which refers to segregating of materials from waste and it´s re-use. It includes aggregation, segregation, processing and production of new products out of used material. It is very important to segregate waste by type and make all waste streams reusable if collected properly. 

Worldwide and in our country there are special centers for aggregation and recycling of waste which is then assorted and sent to specialized producers. The producers process the material in detail and produce raw material of the same quality as the prime or original material (most commonly from non renewable resources such as fossil fuels).

Exclusively licensed collectors of PE waste supply our company with waste. We clean, process and melt the waste in a machine line system called the regeneration. Finally we obtain clean, dry, high quality granulate (material) which is, in further process of  extrusion, being converted into  new polyethylene or polypropylene products like plastic bags and films. After use, if it is collected properly, it can be regenerated again.

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